Angelina Jolie’s pajamas lit up all over the world were laughed at on the Web. Recently, the paparazzi caught the actress walking around Los Angeles with her own children practically in home clothes.

On the sidewalk, Jolie walked in wide trousers, not much like a ceremonial weekend. As a top, the actress wore an ordinary white T-shirt, which, moreover, turned out to be crumpled ( photo here ). To slightly disguise the strange outfit, Angelina complemented the outfit with a loose beige coat.

It is noteworthy that Jolie walked along the street as if she did not see anything special in her appearance. But the fans did not like the scruffy image of the actress.

“It couldn’t be more ridiculous,” “What is she hiding under her coat? A crumpled T-shirt? ”“ I would like to hope that the children are dressed better, ”the sofa critics wrote ironically on the Internet.

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