Doretta Papadimitriou gave an interview to Tina Messaropoulou and “Happy Day” and clarified what is happening with “Game of Chefs” and whether the shooting will end prematurely.

Initially she said: “I am very happy to be in this project. It is a very nice cooking game, very different. With the three judges now that I know them I will say that they are very nice guys, very successful in their field”.

Regarding the rumors about the shooting and whether they will be completed sooner, the presenter said: “The project, according to the program, will be completed by the end of October. There is no way it will not be completed. It is a competitive year, many programs are playing. “We are playing at a very competitive time, we started while other serials had already started. Any program needs its time. I believe that things will change in terms of numbers.”

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