The controversial actor Mickey Rourke, in an interview with reporters, shared his feelings and concerns. First of all, the artist is not sure that he wants to continue living in the United States.

“My country today is so divided, there is so much hatred and anger in it. It’s … It’s very difficult to say. I recently thought of buying a house in New York, but I look around and no longer understand whether it is worth continuing to live in this country, “Rourke said.

The actor also complains about the modern viewer who wants to “eat” blockbusters, and not serious cinema.

“People want something escapist, give them Fast and Furious. They want to come to the cinema and for this time forget about what is really happening in the world. They want to stop thinking that somewhere very close there are fires, global warming, endangered species of animals and plants, dying polar bears, deforested forests, melting glaciers, rising water levels in the world’s oceans, “Izvestia quotes Rourke .

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