The Hercules Tsouzinof impressed by his first shot at GNTM and immediately discussed and managed to reach the grand final, which he won.

He himself recently admitted for the first time his relationship with Marinela Zyla, while in a recent interview with “Secret” of Parapolitikon he spoke about her again.

“With Marinela we do what a normal couple does. We go out whenever we find time, we go for food, for bath… We have not arranged a vacation. Maybe I go to Mykonos, but I am not a party animal. In Marinela I admire her understanding of me, especially in the area “, said Iraklis Chuzinov initially.

In fact, Hercules referred to the fans, but also to the threats he receives. Specifically, he said: “Calm has not come. I go out and they want photos, they ask me, they are interested in me. What surprises me is that they make their own fake profiles and threaten me and say” we will take your eyes off you “. It’s not racist, it’s about my successes. “

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