It concerns the two coaches who tried to force sprinter Tsimanoeskaja to take the plane to Belarus. “In the interest of the Belarusian athletes still in Tokyo, the IOC has decided to revoke the accreditations of MA Shimak and Y. Maisevich,” the IOC statement said. Both trainers have to leave the Olympic village and due to the corona measures, they are no longer allowed to stay in Japan.

On Wednesday evening, Kristsina Tsimanoeskaja arrived in the Polish capital Warsaw. The athlete has received a humanitarian visa from the Polish authorities. She faced a forced return to her homeland on Sunday after she criticized Belarusian officials. At Tokyo airport, she refused to board the plane, fearing the authorities in Belarus. Finally, the sprinter turned to the Japanese police and the Polish embassy.

Meanwhile, other Belarusian athletes do not want to return to their homeland. Jana Maksimova wrote on Instagram that she and her husband, athlete Andrei Kravchenko, want to live in Germany. Konstantin Jakovlev, trainer of the Witjas handball team in Minsk, has fled to Ukraine.

The incident once again draws attention to Belarus. The country is under political tension after the contested election victory of authoritarian President Alexander Lukashenko. It crushes all protest by force. Organizations report blatant violations of human rights. 

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