The Joanna Thun , after about a year, he returned to the channel on YouTube with a video surprise to her fans. The famous Thessaloniki, as he had stated a few weeks ago, after a difficult period , finally found the house she wanted and dreamed of, bought it and started its renovation.

The social media star decided to share her joy and excitement with her online friends by showing the apartment she bought and wants to turn into a personal shelter. Smiling and cheerful, she started the tour of the house she bought in the center of Thessaloniki and is in the process of renovation, saying: “Hello, what are you doing? Do you remember me? I am your friend who has been talking to you for more than a year. The truth is “I still try to forget the last video that was uploaded. I had linked the videos here to the incident and I had a denial,” he continued, telling them reasons why so many houses were changing all this time :“This time in my life, last year basically, ok in the last video I was not very well, now I’m very well. […] In the last year I have moved nine times . I have stayed in infinite Airbnb homes because I was waiting “And I was looking to buy my own house. Since I was evicted… after the recent events.”

Thereby launching saying “This is my Chrepas” began its tour in shaping her new apartment. Making a mini-tour throughout showed you is the room and revealed that, in terms of decoration, would be minimal , with wood, marble and white shades.

Particularly humorous was the mood of Ioanna Touni when she moved to the future children’s room , clarifying that such a thing is not in her immediate plans: “At the moment this room is for parcels and when the dessert is tied to put a cot”.

At the end of her video, just before guiding her audience on the balcony, showing the wonderful view , the popular Thessaloniki did not hide her anxiety to complete her new project, emphasizing “I have imagination and a very good mood. I believe that it will really happen “Beautiful. I will do my best for it.”

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