Another famous person was vaccinated against coronavirus. This is none other than Ioanna Maleskou, who after the end of her show, was in the vaccination center.

The presenter of “Love It” was vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine and wanted to share her experience through her personal Instagram accounts.

Specifically, she said: “I said it and I did the vaccine, as soon as I came back. I took AstraZeneca in the first dose, I went to the vaccination center of Acharnes and people, mainly women, welcomed me like the rest of the world, that is, I in the process, with the protocol that is followed, I did not complain … Manuela, you must be proud of your child. Of course I did not look at the injection to be honest with you, but nothing, I did not feel pain, the lady who made the vaccine was very meticulous in her movements.received a lot of love from the scientific staff but also from the people there, but also from the people who were also waiting in line, a lot of love and I really can not describe how I feel …But among those I feel, I feel freer and more confident about what I did. I was telling you that I feel much freer and more confident about what I did and most of you who have been vaccinated feel exactly the same. Although there is a small minority, fortunately small, of people who sent me some messages today after the show why I am showing and sharing the message about the vaccine when I should not, I am very sorry, this is a very small portion, I am to those who comply with the instructions and recommendations of experts, health scientists and the state for this and I wanted to go more immediately to do the vaccine.I wish you all the best, to me to you even to those who were together in the same series and in general to get out of it all faster and healthier. I send all my love and support “.

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