After all, is Ioanna Maleskou or Katerina Keinourgiou right in this story? I saw the excerpts and I feel very ready to submit my opinion.

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It all started with an online post. Like dozens circulating. It has happened dozens of times that I write something and a show tries to tell if I am telling the truth or if I have a wrong report. The reverse happens even more often. Even more often there is the possibility that the victims themselves want to clarify the truth (to them).

Katerina Keinourgiou was therefore invited to present an issue on which her collaborators had a report and essentially denied the interruption of the Malescu show, regardless of whether the Gundara family show was moving to the daily program – it is unknown where and from when until when. Somewhere there, Kainourgiou, who does a purebred reportage show, who plays what may be of interest to the viewers of her show (not the viewers in general), thought if she should say her opinion. When she decided, she said the obvious: the environment that chose Ioanna Maleskou a year ago and placed her in SKAI’s lunch, entertainment zone created expectations from her, in the shadow of her comparison with Eleni Menegaki that had begun years ago. Against the background of these expectations, when a show doesn’t go the way it did last year, the rumors start. In a few words, Kainourgiou wished that the show would not stop, commenting that maybe the gossip was to blame for the great expectations that were created during her transition from Crete to Athens.

A few minutes later, Ioanna Maleskou chose to be informed on the air of the show about what had happened in an opposite show. And in the second phase to imply that Katerina Keinourgiou and her show hit her, while until recently they maintained excellent relations. “Let’s not become numbers for numbers,” she said characteristically, while she seemed very confident that she was doing the right thing at the moment. However, what he answered did not have much to do with what was heard on Alpha a few minutes earlier.

So at that moment we noticed an impressive woman trying to answer a colleague of hers directly, while the people around her were trying to add more oil to the fire. Either by choosing to “remind” Kainourgiou that she once made low numbers or by saying that her show is based on “Bachelor” and broadcasts excerpts from “Big Brother” that they as “Love it” refused to play due to signage. My aunt says other things, my ears hear others, they say in my village.

The same night, in her statements to the MEGA camera – neutral zone, the head of the SKAI program may have stressed that in order to make a better TV we need to look at our house and not his house opposite the numbers and do (statement with which I agree), however, he hinted that it is “legitimate” for Malescu’s show to go half an hour earlier in order for one live show to follow the other. That is, what was reported as a report from the show of Kainourgiou and not from the report they reproduced.

In other news, the issue is one: Malescu is not doing so well in the first month of the season and she did not like being heard on a show that makes twice the ratings of her own. And without control, she said her … pain. Of course, I am not at all sure if she would do the favor of referring to each Newcomer, to each of her morning opponents, if she made high ratings and the other lower than her.

On the other hand, Kainourgiou did exactly what is defined by the “book” of the show designed by Themis Mallis. She -in my opinion- states that we comment on everything, everything that concerns the viewer and in fact without rounding. Do you think that Malescu should not even have been mentioned? Why not; They have been heard and they have been heard, did that bother us? And for better or worse it does not do the same kind of show with Malescu and that needs to be made clear. Another is Kainourgiou, another is Maleskou, others are Skorda-Liagas and definitely another is Danae. And Maggira in another … dimension.

Now that I took the pain of Vangelis Perris for the television elegance on the air of “Proino”, when he himself had passed Maleskou fourteen generations a year ago, I find it at least funny.

Now I am sure that Ioanna Maleskou will have understood the mistake of her reaction on air, Katerina Keinourgiou has nothing to fear because what she said is obvious (maybe she says “what I wanted and got involved in all this” especially when she sees that her show goes train) and everyone else – except Perris – will count how many outbursts they said to appear in the background of the outbreaks. Understood everything? And in others with health.

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