Apparently, Nicole Kidman was so impressed by the nature of Greece that she pushed herself into the background. In the last holiday photo, she is captured at sea, merging with the landscape so that fans barely notice their favorite. This sight is unusual, because the Hollywood star loves to be in the spotlight.

Now Nicole Kidman is resting in Greece, and her vacation is coming to an end. In the last photo, she is at sea – in the midst of bright blue waves, sandy hills and greenery. The actress’s bathing suit fits so harmoniously into the landscape that you need to strain your eyesight to find Nicole bathing.

“Invisible Actress! I completely merged with the landscape”, “I see the sea, but where is Kidman?”, “Wonderful landscape, Nicole,” the star’s followers responded.

Unlike the last photo, Kidman’s previous shots take no effort to see her beauty.

Nicole Kidman” / Social networks

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