Kate Middleton repeated the famous image from the cult “Pretty Woman”.

Recognized style icon Kate Middleton delighted fans again. Prince William’s wife has been eye-catching at the royal races with her new bow.

To exit, she chose a white maxi dress with large polka dots. She completed the look with a light hat decorated with flowers and brown pumps.

While some compare the royal person with Princess Diana, stylist Katya Zobkova saw a copy of another star in the image of Middleton.

“Seeing Kate Middleton in a white dress with polka dots, in a hat made of the same material at the races, the image of Julia Roberts in the film “Pretty Woman” immediately arose, where she was in a brown dress similar in silhouette, also with peas,” she recalled in an interview with News.

Kate Middleton

Any fashionista can try on an outfit, the main thing is not to miscalculate with the choice of print. A mistake can be costly.

“We must not forget that the polka dot print is very insidious. If you choose the wrong size of peas, then we will instantly stop not in a lady, but in an uncomfortable fat woman. Remember the rule of proportionality or focus on the size of a coin with a face value of one ruble and ten rubles. If you are a girl with appetizing forms, then your pea size should be the size of a five-ruble coin, ”the fashion expert shared valuable advice.

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