Independent manufacturers are angry with Sony for its policies, which make its games invisible and add barriers to their sale.

Is PlayStation a Business Against India? Indie games enjoyed great success throughout the previous generation, both on PC and on more traditional consoles, with titles that even went so far as to compete for GOTY. However, the Independent Creators are angry with Sony .

Independent creators accuse a specific company of putting every possible hurdle for them when it comes to selling on their platform. This is what Iain Garner, the co-founder of the publisher Neon Doctrine, affirms in an extensive Twitter thread published this week.

The developer does not mention the name of PlayStation – he speaks at all times of ‘Platform X’ – but assures that this platform “is a very successful console that does not have a Game Pass” and that it is not. Nintendo , which dispels any doubt.

In his discussion thread, Garner states that PlayStation “does not offer developers the ability to manage their games” on the PS Store. “ To be promoted, you have to get around obstacles, beg and ask for a possible promotion. And a blog post is not [una promoción] as well as they think it is .

Overall, Garner says PlayStation is preventing independent creators from managing and promoting their games on their consoles if the company doesn’t like them. “ All that matters is your assessment. How is this evaluation done? I don’t know, they don’t share this information, nor the rating they give to my game ”.

Not happy, says Garner, the company imposes unclear bureaucracy when launching games on its platform, preventing them from offering launch discounts on the PS Store, and to participate in the store’s offerings, they need of a business invitation, which are infrequent.

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