45-year-old Charlize Theron showed off a figure in a bikini on vacation with her children. Recently, the celebrity has attracted attention largely because of her special son, who wanted to become a girl.

The other day Theron took both her daughter and her son with her and went to rest in Greece. There, the actress was caught by the paparazzi. In the frame, Charlize appeared in a tiny black bikini, emphasizing her figure. It is noteworthy that in this form Theron stood in front of a crowd of men who, by chance or not by chance, found themselves on the yacht with her.

Because of Theron’s liberties, the press started talking about the actress’s new potential romance. Charlize herself has not yet confirmed the fact of a possible relationship, but she is in no hurry to refute, but prefers to closely communicate with her own heirs. So, Charlize set aside several hours at once to dive with the children from the yacht right into the water. On the web, the actress has already been called the ideal mom.

“Indecently good”, “Charlize is just lovely”, “Magic, real, incredibly cool”, “If the son was not a girl, there would be no price”, “Looks fantastic,” they wrote to her.

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