The Krateros Katsulis finally said goodbye to the “nest of cuckoo” and the morning and already the band of Star managers make initial thoughts on the future of the show and the person might be put on the side of Katerina Karavatou .

According to what Haris Lempidakis mentioned in “Kalytera de Ginetai” on Sunday, Katerina Karavatou, as everything shows, remains in the position of the host of the morning show of Star, as she maintains excellent relations with the station, while talking about the person who is rumored , according to him, how he will replace Krateros Katsoulis mentioned the name of Fotis Sergoulopoulos .Remaining Time-0:00FullscreenMute

However, after a communication that the journalist had with Fotis Sergoulopoulos, the latter replied that he still did not know anything and had not started any discussion, but told Harry Lempidakis that he was relatively annoyed by another colleague, which means that his name sounds for that position.

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