Will Smith’s scandalous antics at the Oscars didn’t ruin his career. On the contrary, she played into the hands and gave something unusual.

Will Smith gave a notable slap in the face to comedian Chris Rock right during the award ceremony. After that, many companies stopped cooperating with the actor. However, after a while, Netflix decided to give the disgraced star another chance. The film company is ready to shoot a biopic about Smith. You can’t do without a scene with a blow.

“After that slap, Will was left behind by Netflix and Apple TV+. He apologized and retired from the limelight for an extended period. Enough time has passed since then for the dust of those events to settle and everyone to calm down. The slap and its aftermath, of course, were the turning points in Will’s life and may now be part of the storyline of his biopic.

In any case, Netflix wants to be in talks for this movie again, and Will’s team has no doubt that Apple will follow suit . “

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