Because of the desire to quickly complete the shooting of the film “Bardo”, the Oscar-winning director neglected all conceivable and inconceivable rules of covid protocols and security measures. Now a lawsuit awaits him.

“Scored” on tests for covid, drove the actors of the crowd to work overtime, did not allow them to rest even when symptoms of illness appeared, shares shocking details Worldofreel .

Gleb Bogush, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the Department of International Law of the Higher School of Economics , commented on the actions of Alejandro Iñarritu for PopCornNews:

“I understand the problem, very often unthinkable sanitary norms are violated. But the responsibility is not borne by the director, but by the specific company that produces the filming. This is not an individual problem. Conversations that they organized a super spreader event? In Russia, this happens on every corner. “

It only remains to add that the details of the lawsuit against Iñarrit are still kept secret, which means that the film company, which gave the go-ahead for the “extreme” shooting, can be brought to court.

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