Danae Barka has been out of Athens for the last few weeks and so she had left her two dogs, Roxy and Meze, in a special hotel for dogs. However, it is located in Varybobi and was thus threatened by the fire that is hitting the area.

So she appealed because she could not find out where her dogs were. Specifically, he wrote: “Guys, do not ask me about dogs, I have not communicated, I try for many hours. Someone wrote that they went to another place again for dogs but I got there and they told me it is not valid. I struggle to return to Athens in a hurry, I do not have “signal and I have lost contact with my dogs. I am in a panic. If I have newer ones of course I will let you know. Until then whoever has newer ones let us be in touch”.

Shortly afterwards, Danae Barka informed her online friends that she had found her two dogs and wrote in a new post: “Guys, thank you so much for the help. Thank you so much. Meze and roxy were found.”

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