Returning from the holidays, our main concern is to put aside the swimsuits and the wicker accessories and to take out the transitional clothes of autumn from the depths of the wardrobe. Do not misunderstand us, we love the summer style, however, after such a long period of heat, we look forward to experimenting with other clothes. We missed the leather jackets, boots and pants, while we do not see the moment to add to our wardrobe and autumn trends, which will upgrade our style. Doing our research for the next hot fashion item and the prevailing trends of the next season, we came across the Instagram post of the model and presenter, Eliana Papageorgiou.

She has returned from her vacation, where she gave us great stylistic inspiration for our beach looks this year, and she has fallen flat on her face at work. In fact, Iliana Papageogriou, who is particularly active on social media, gave us a taste of the projects of the next season through her personal Instagram account. Among her posts we singled out a cute look, which is a big trend of autumn.

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