The issue of custody and the rights that a father should have in relation to his children were raised through “Pop Up”, Iliana Papageorgiou and her collaborators.

The reason was the statements of Haris Giakoumatos , who declares himself an “active father” and asks the State to recognize the same rights he has as a father and after his separation from his ex-wife, with Eliana Papageorgiou naturally agreeing with part of dads – and in some cases moms – bringing to the surface her own personal experience.

“I grew up in a different situation. My parents divorced when my sister and I were older, we were not young but we knew this was a situation that should have happened much earlier. We told our parents, they are not ashamed. To us, when my parents divorced, the question of “are you going to see your dad” or “why are you staying with your mom?” or “to see you on the weekend” never came to the table. “Something has changed, apart from the house we now live in because we do not all share it together,” said the presenter, among other things.

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