Klava Koka showed a bright manicure inspired by the ideas of her Telegram channel subscribers.

The singer actively interacts with her fans and even listens to their beauty tips. Klava decided to update her manicure and chose a simple but bright pattern.

The singer’s decision was appreciated by the manicurist Anna Yudina.

“The manicure suits her very well, it is not difficult to perform, it looks impressive, I think it will suit many – it depends on the handles and skin tone. You can make it for any informal event, in the summer it is an ideal solution for tanned hands, ”the specialist told PopCornNews.

The master believes that the manicure fits perfectly into the style of the singer. This solution is suitable for anyone, regardless of age. The main thing when choosing a manicure is the style and skin tone.

Recently, Klava Koka has already experimented with the image of femininity and harmony with nature. The girl focused on the charms of her figure.

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