Before becoming the wife of the heir to the throne, Kate Middleton had a great passion in her life. In her youth, she was in love with the namesake of Prince Harry – the young man’s name was Harry Blakemore.

Middleton met him at Marlborough College. The captain of the hockey team instantly turned the girl’s head. As is often the case, the first love did not end in something serious, and the relationship itself was full of drama.

“When Kate arrived in Florence, she was really obsessed with Harry. She talked about him all the time, and he often fooled her. He seemed to be thrown from side to side: he was hot and cold with her while they were at school. Kate was always talking about how to get him back,” Middleton’s friend told the Mirror .

After breaking up with Harry, Kate lived in Italy for a year. Then she entered the University of St. Andrews, where she met her future husband. And Middleton’s former chosen one is now a partner in the world’s largest independent insurance broker.

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