American actress Margot Robbie wants to take a break from playing Harley Quinn, but is already dreaming of a joint film with Poison Ivy.

Margot Robbie gives final interviews before the release of the new “Suicide Squad”. The premiere of the “restart” of the cult picture is scheduled for August 6, but neither the fans of the universe, nor Margot herself are ready to part. The actress wants to continue the story for her character, but more romantic.

“I would love to see her relationships with new people – I’ve always enjoyed watching this in the comics,” Margot said in an interview with Comicbook .

Robbie has previously been quite outspoken about her desire to unite Harley with Poison Ivy, a supervillain and heroine of the DC Comics universe, an enemy of Batman. She first appeared in Batman # 181 (June 1966).

Robbie admitted that she repeatedly persuaded Warner Bros. to remove the continuation of the story in this vein. But so far, there is no talk of new filming, much less the name of the actress who can play Ivy.

However, fans of the universe have already chosen their heroine. In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Megan Fox revealed that she would like to be part of a major comic book film franchise. She is confident that this will help breathe new life into her career.

Of course, fans immediately began to try on the roles of popular villains on Megan. As a result, it was Poison Ivy that became the main trend in the discussions on Twitter. Fans are confident that Margot Robbie and Megan Fox will be one of the strongest filmmakers in history.

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