Elon Musk did not remain silent after an article denouncing him about a connection with a not free lady. The entrepreneur is surprised at how many scandalous materials about him began to be released.

Musk’s affair with Nicole Shanahan, the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, was told by an unnamed source to the Wall Street Journal . According to this person, the founder of Space X and the allegedly unfaithful wife of a businessman met for some time at the end of last year. This, the anonymous source claims, prompted Brin to file for divorce and put an end to his friendship with Musk.

“This is complete nonsense. Sergey and I are friends and last night we were at a party together! — wrote the entrepreneur in social networks. “I only saw Nicole twice in three years, both times in the company of a large number of other people. Nothing romantic.”

Then the billionaire with a “sigh” added that he had not had an intimate relationship with anyone for several years. The billionaire decided to sum up what was said with another angry post, but already addressed to the publication, which often defames Musk’s reputation:

“WSJ had so many crazy hits on me and Tesla, I lost count! Shame on them, honestly.”

In addition, he told the story of how the publication once stated in an article that the FBI was going to arrest Musk. Immediately after the release of the material, the billionaire called the bureau and found out that the news was completely false.

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