Kim Kardashian often boasts about how she maintains her skin with cosmetics. But recently, fans of the star have suspected that the tightened skin of the star is the merit of plastic surgeons. The socialite decided to show fans her next beauty ritual. But how could a socialite think that a harmless video in which she smears her face with cream would make so much noise.

In the frame, you can see how a celebrity distributes a cosmetic product over her face. Kim’s fans thought she had a scar on her face. After that, Kardashian was reproached for secretly undergoing a facelift.

“Just look at her neck, she seemed to go under the knife!”, “Does she think that no one will notice anything?”, “She definitely did a facelift, there’s no doubt about it,” the subscribers stated.

However, cosmetologist Kirill Novikov did not share the confidence of the fans. He watched the sensational video, but did not find traces of the scar, which alarmed the socialite’s followers.

“I didn’t understand what they noticed there. I didn’t see a scar. In the neck area, under the lower jaw, they do not operate. It seems to me that this is someone else’s wet fantasy. The fans must have been overexcited, or rather overexcited.”

The expert noted that after a facelift, as after any surgical intervention, there are scars and scars. But definitely not in the places pointed out by Kim’s subscribers.

“Scars remain, but in other areas. No one will cut in the middle of the cheek. It happens when a crease hangs next to the nasolabial fold – but the Kardashians did not have this, ”the expert said in a conversation with News.

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