The elderly Queen Elizabeth II made a huge concession just so as not to disappoint her subjects.

There is a big holiday in the UK – the people of the United Kingdom celebrate the platinum anniversary of the Queen’s reign. Elizabeth II this year turned 96 years old – she devoted 70 of them to rule. Only a few monarchs in history have crossed such a solid line. Therefore, it is not surprising that the burden of age and great responsibility has affected Her Majesty’s health.

In recent months, Elizabeth II has been complaining about feeling unwell. She hardly moves, and conducts audiences in a remote format. Therefore, the celebration of the platinum anniversary takes place without a hero of the occasion.

It turned out that Elizabeth II did not even want to go to the solemn parade in her honor. However, Prince Charles still convinced his mother to go out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Only at the last moment did the queen agree to this.

“She felt unwell, but Prince Charles convinced her that so many people had been waiting for this day to meet Elizabeth II,” insiders shared with the Daily Mail .

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