Since the wedding, the grandson of Elizabeth II has never appeared in public with a wedding ring on his finger.

Many Britons wonder why Prince William doesn’t wear marriage jewelry. At the same time, William previously proved that he was aware of the significance of this accessory. After the death of his mother, Princess Diana, he took her sapphire engagement ring for himself, which he then presented to Kate.

At the same time, the Duchess of Cambridge herself has a ring finger decorated with three rings at once. The first is the gold engagement ring, followed by the one that Diana wore, and then the white gold ring received after the birth of Prince George. We can say that Kate wears wedding rings both for herself and for her husband.

William later explained why he turned down the engagement ring. According to the prince, jewelry makes him uncomfortable. That is why he almost never even wears a watch, writes Hello! . There is logic in this – it is difficult to imagine that there is a person who does not know about the prince’s marital status. By the way, the late husband of Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, also never wore a wedding ring.

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