Former Queen Elizabeth II security officer Richard Griffin recalled a funny incident that happened to him and Her Majesty. This is a story about how simple ignorance brightened up and cheered up a simple walk.

Once, Richard recalls, he accompanied the monarch through the territory of Balmoral Castle (the residence of the English kings in Scotland). At some point, she stopped to chat with a couple of tourists from the United States. The Americans slew both of them on the spot: not only did they not understand who was standing in front of them, they also, mistaking the “new acquaintance” for a local, asked if she had seen the queen here.

Pointing to Griffin, Elizabeth replied:

“I’m not, but he saw her.”

Then one of the travelers approached Richard and took a picture with him. Another took a picture for memory with a crowned lady. At that time, he did not even suspect that he was captured with one of the most famous women in the world. Who knows, maybe he still has no idea, writes The sun .

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