Russian actor Ivan Ivashkin will play in the movie “Mission Impossible-7”. Journalist Svetlana Bondarchuk reported this on her Telegram channel .

Russian moviegoers saw Ivan in the films “Petrovs in the Flu”, “Gloomy River”, “Duhless 2”, “Capercaillie. Continuation”, “The Yellow Eye of the Tiger” and in other works.

“There have been no details yet on what role Ivan got! But I am always very happy when our guys are approved for Western film projects,” wrote Svetlana Bondarchuk.

Subscribers reacted with suspicion to the news.

“Probably, he will play a crazy Russian scientist or some kind of villain”, “And who can an actor with such a surname play, just some Russian …”, “Well, yes, somehow I can’t believe it. If only a villainous villain, ”Telegram users wrote.

Ivan Ivashkin

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