Sarah Jessica Parker has spoken out about one of her public appearances.

A few months ago, footage appeared on the Web in which the Sex and the City star was captured with completely gray hair. Many fans, who are accustomed to the fact that usually celebrities mask the slightest signs of aging, were amazed. They praised the artist for her courage.

However, Sarah Jessica Parker herself, contrary to all expectations, was not at all flattered. She admitted that she does not see anything wrong with not being ashamed of her gray hair.

“For months, people have been talking about my “courage” for being able to afford to walk around in gray hair. Please stop. Pay better attention to the real masculinity of people, and not to my gray hair, ”said the actress in an interview with Allure .

Recently actress Nicole Kidman turned 55 years old. The expert told how many plastic surgeries the star did.

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