Volochkova, 45, spends the summer moving from one paradise island to another. Most recently, she was vacationing in the Maldives, and now she is basking in the Greek sun at the villa of her friends.

Greece is one of her favorite resorts. She visits the country four times a year. According to Volochkova, the duration and frequency of travel could be increased by having their own accommodation.

“I am changing the Astrakhan apartments for sale for a villa in Greece,” the ballet star wrote on Instagram.

Every day, the ballerina posts new photos and videos from the holiday in her profile. She recently showed how it stretches in water. Subscribers did not appreciate the ability: “scolded” for candid photos and criticized the figure.

“Well, as I was told, many have discussed my ass. There are no other problems. Well, let’s discuss the slimness of my legs … Am I fit? ” – asks the star.

Volochkova is used to reacting to criticism in her characteristic snide manner. This time, the new post was accompanied by a “response” for haters.

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