Megan Fox admitted that she was the subject of ridicule in Hollywood. The Transformers star, while still a young actress, spoke out against sexism, which was ahead of the modern agenda by a decade. However, after that she caught only sidelong glances from her colleagues.

“I have always spoken out against the offensive, misogynistic, patriarchal things that were happening in Hollywood in 2008 and 2009, long before people were ready to accept or tolerate it. And then I was really ridiculed for it … ”- the star confesses in an interview with Glamour .

The brunette regrets that her words went past her ears, considering the Hollywood beauty a dummy. Now she regrets that she wasted so much on those who did not appreciate and respect her.

At the same time, a strong character allowed the celebrity to resist misunderstanding. And the more she faced the indifference of others, the faster she grew as a person, Fox proudly emphasized.

While Meghan is reliving the depressing moments of the past, fans are worried about her present. Recently, the actress publicly dodged a kiss from her lover Machine Gun Kelly, which gave rise to rumors about problems in the relationship of one of the most beautiful couples in show business.

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