Large crowds gathered in a Manchester park after rapper AJ Tracey announced a ‘surprise concert’, sparking a huge police presence in the area.

the BRIT Award Nominee announced the impromptu performance earlier today, after issuing an invitation on social media.

“Next stop manny ! He wrote, sharing a story with Platt Fields in the Manchester student area Tagged Fallowfield.

“Come connect me to the parking lot at Platt Fields 4:00 PM.” “

The W is the London rapper had shared his plans to visit fans last night, saying in an Instagram story, “I might come and tie some of you up tomorrow. Where should I find it? Comment on my last post. “

He then published details of his surprise mini-tour, saying he planned to stop in Birmingham at 12 p.m., followed by Manchester at 4 p.m., ending in Bristol at 8 p.m.

Large crowds were seen gathering at Platt Fields Park ahead of his performance, prompting police to come to the area.

Credit: MEN Media
Credit: MEN Media

A statement from the Greater Manchester Police, provided to Manchester Evening News , mentioned: “We are aware of a large rally at Platt Fields Park on Manchester’s Wilmslow Road. Officers are present. ” 

Credit: MEN Media
Credit: MEN Media

Just before 5 p.m., the outlet reported, “Looks like the scene is brewing. The crowd grew even bigger. “

Another update added that Tracey was also seen as “entertaining the crowd by throwing a basketball at them before her performance.”

As lockdown restrictions have started to ease, “Big Events and Shows” still remain banned under the government’s “road map”, with hopes that they will be allowed from June 21. .

The general public is also encouraged to continue practicing social distancing.

Credit: MEN Media
Credit: MEN Media

Responding to Tracey’s concert news on Twitter , someone wrote: “ Anyone who follows me will know I love AJ T Racey but he’s an absolute bull shit and a huge slap in the face to those who worked day and night for trying to help those who have the virus and to help stop the spread. ” 

Someone else said, “  Legitimate protesters are arrested. AJ Tracey gets an escort in his impromptu concert. Shameful. “

Others were simply baffled by what was going on, with one person tweeting, “  Why is AJ Tracey playing basketball at Platt Fields Park? ” 

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