Soyuzmultfilm has released a trailer for the restart “Well, wait!” One of the most popular Soviet cartoons will get a second life and will be released in December. The first season of the project includes 52 episodes. The main characters are voiced by the stars – Garik Kharlamov and Dmitry Khrustalev.

Remake of “Well, wait a minute!” made with a noticeable amount of CGI. In addition, the project seems to be planning all kinds of Easter eggs. For example, in the trailer you can see how in slow motion a hare, like in the movie “The Matrix”, bends to dodge the popsicle flying at it.

It is noteworthy that comments are disabled under the trailer on the Soyuzmultfilm YouTube channel. However, even without this, it is clear that the public is clearly not delighted with the implementation of a high-profile project – there are already more dislikes for videos than likes several times. On other Internet resources, comments are not hidden, and users openly speak out about the quality of the cartoon.

“Where to sign the petition so that it doesn’t see the light of day?”, “The Soviet cartoon for children is dead,” “Everything. Very bad,” “How can one unseen it now?” They write on the Web.

The premiere of the project is scheduled for December 2021.

Photo source: Shot from the trailer for the restart of the cartoon “Well, wait!”

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