The blockbuster “Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness” promotional campaign in Europe has reached such a level that it’s hard to walk down the street and not stumble upon a colorful poster with the charming Benedict Cumberbatch showing the rocker “goat” gesture. It was he who did not suit the Italians.

Instead of the trademark gesture of new Russians and heavy music lovers, on the Italian poster of the Doctor Strange sequel, the superhero shows the “scissors” gesture from the famous game. Perhaps he is just hinting at how he will resolve the emerging conflicts with Wanda Maximoff, but the Italian Reddit subscribers have their own version:

“Such a gesture on a poster can mean a variety of things in Italy, depending on the position of the hand. It’s this arrangement that makes it possible to call someone a ‘cuckold’ and it’s certainly a good reason to change the poster.”

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