The Whatsapp instant messaging platform is also increasingly used to make voice calls: communications are made over the Internet and do not affect the minutes included in the operators’ telephone offers, and do not require a surcharge in the case of contacts to be found abroad. More calls made through the instant messaging platform they can be recorded in a slightly simpler way compared to normal phone calls.

Record WhatsApp call with PC or Mac

The most ideal approach to record a WhatsApp sound call is consistently to utilize an outer gadget. Who has an iPhone and a Mac available can connect the phone to the computer with their Lightning cable and ask the Mac to recognize the iPhone as a microphone. To do this, simply open Quicktime and create a new audio recording from the File menu. Among the recording options, there is one that allows you to capture the audio generated by the phone: once the recording is selected and started, whatever is played and recorded by the iPhone is captured by the Mac. , including voice calls on WhatsApp. Between Android and PC devicesit should suffice to connect the first to the second with an audio cable and, before making the call, start recording with an application like Audacity, taking care to select the external microphone as the source for the recording.

Record a WhatsApp call using the external speaker

The less professional way to record a voice call on WhatsApp is also the most convenient and the simplest: use the external speaker of the smartphone and capture the audio with another external device, than connection cables and software. associates are available or not. The recording tool can be a computer or another smartphoner: it just needs a microphone and a recording application. The downside is that the calls should be made while keeping the audio to reach the second gadget e therefore they will not be particularly smooth and clear in the replay.

Record a WhatsApp call from your smartphone

Without a computer and cables available, it is still possible to record WhatsApp calls, provided you are using an Android phone and an application like Cube Recorder , which specializes in intercepting audio calls from VoIP services such as WhatsApp, Messenger and Skype. The recorder can be downloaded from the Play Store and requires a lot of permissions, granted, which however allows you to pick up the audio of calls quite clearly. The files are saved in the device memory and both parts are saved. If Cube Recorder doesn’t work, you’ll need to look for other apps, but make sure they’re designed to work with VoIP calls.

Whichever method you choose, there are two caveats: warn others about the recording in progress and do not disclose it to anyone. Although the solutions listed allow you to make recordings in secret, it is an offense to disclose material obtained without the consent of all parties involved . There are cases in which the law provides for the broadcast of recorded conversations, but in general the audio recorded by a WhatsApp call should be kept private.

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