Nowadays, capturing a novel written on the small screen has become a symbol of Netflix. There are many series based on books and, Stranger is one of them. Although not originally from the streaming platform, but from Starz Play, it is part of the catalog of that on-demand service that has led Jamie and Claire Fraser’s love affair to travel around the world in enchanting friends and strangers. .

So much so that the interpreters of the protagonists, Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan They have also catapulted themselves to international fame, and for some time they have managed to become two of the most sought after actors by different productions. Even if, usually, the one who attracts the most attention in this duo of actors is, precisely, Heughan since his romanticism and his love for Claire when he brings Jamie to life makes a lot of sighs.

Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have unparalleled chemistry.  Photo: (Starz Play)
Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe have unparalleled chemistry. Photo: (Starz Play)

However, before Stranger Sam was not a world star even though he started his career years ago. This is why many of his followers wonder if it was this fiction that pushed him to launch his work to the top, but the answer is simple: it was not. Sam Heughan has been famous since 2002.

Sam Heughan's career began in 2002. Photo: (Getty)
Sam Heughan’s career began in 2002. Photo: (Getty)

At that time, this was part of the Outlying Islands work at the Royal Court Theater Upstairs, a role that earned him a nomination for Breakthrough Actor at the 2003 Laurence Oliver Awards. And, the following year, he made his first appearance at television with Island at War in, in 2005 spontaneously jump to River Town , a Scottish drama aired on the BBC, where he played Lee McGowan.

However, among his most important roles before Jamie Fraser is the Eleventh Doctor of Doctor Who , where he shared the screen with stars like Matt Smith and David Tennant. And, on top of that, he has several made-for-movie characters who, in the same way, still don’t get over the boom that this Scottish gentleman was and still is.

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