The winner of the popular American show Josie Gibson can’t believe her success. However, he did not turn her head, but on the contrary, played a very cruel joke with her. The TV star considers herself an impostor in show business, not deserving of such a result.

In 2019, Josie Gibson won the Big Brother reality show, the essence of which is that ordinary people live in a purpose-built house, fenced off from the outside world, and television cameras continuously monitor their actions. The winner of the show is the one who was able to inspire more confidence among the audience and did not fly out at the voting stage. Winning this popular show could easily turn your head, but not Josie Gibson. Three years have passed since the girl’s participation in the project, and she just can’t believe in her success – she suffers from the impostor syndrome.

“I’m nervous all the time. It’s been three and a half years and I’m still nervous to this day. I have to talk to myself a little from time to time because I sometimes have impostor syndrome: “What am I doing here? How did this happen? How did I get myself into this?” – quotes the 37-year-old Mirror TV star .

However, this disorder is not uncommon. Psychologist Natalya Panfilova told PopCornNews about this .

“Imposter syndrome exists in every profession. It manifests itself when a person feels that he does not correspond to the status that he was offered. In this case, he needs some kind of approval from the outside, because he lacks his own self-esteem – he cannot say on his own: “Yes, I am an expert in this field,” ”explained the expert.

To combat the syndrome, according to the psychologist, you need to check the quality of your knowledge, for example, read articles from open sources, take career guidance tests, conduct an independent examination, get an opinion from an outsider or contact a specialist.

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