Anna Mikhalkova knew from early childhood that she would become an actress.

The girl was born on May 14, 1974 in Moscow in a famous family. Her father is director Nikita Mikhalkov, and her mother is former fashion model Tatiana Mikhalkova.

The first shooting of the future star was arranged by her eminent father. Starting from the age of six, Nikita Sergeevich filmed a documentary about his eldest daughter. The picture was called “Anna. From 6 to 18” and was published in 1993.

Mikhalkova decided to comprehend the art of cinema abroad: she studied in Italy and Switzerland. After returning to her homeland, Anna entered VGIK at the acting department and at the same time studied at MGIMO as a lawyer, writes the portal .

Anna played her first adult role in the film Black Eyes. The tape came out in 1987. The director was the father – he appointed his daughter to a small episodic role. Then there were “First Love” by Roman Balayan and “Inspector General” by Andrey Dmitriev.

Glory came to Mikhalkova after the role of Dunyasha in The Barber of Siberia.

Anna received her first award for filming a movie in 2006. Mikhalkova was awarded the Golden Eagle Award for her role in the drama Communication, directed by Avdotya Smirnova.

In 2012, the tragicomedy Kokoko starring Anna Mikhalkova and Yana Troyanova was released on wide screens. Both performers were awarded prizes for “Best Actress” at Kinotavr.

At the moment, Anna Mikhalkova starred in 80 films. In 2019, the director’s daughter became an Honored Artist of Russia.

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