In case you missed the big news but found yourself here first, Sony just announced its acquisition of Housemarque. The studio behind the excellent PlayStation 5 title Returnal is now part of Sony’s fleet of proprietary teams, which means it will now create games exclusively for Sony. It was more or less that anyway, so it all makes sense.

Regardless, Housemarque co-founder Ilari Kuittinen spoke with GQ about the deal in a new interview. It’s an interesting read overall, but one quote stands out. When asked if the days of the studio making smaller titles are over, Kuittinen’s comments suggest things will pick up steam. “Well, at least initially I think we’re looking at what we’ve done now and building on that,” he says. “Certainly Returnal is kind of a stepping stone for us. When we think about future titles, maybe they will be even bigger and even more ambitious. “

So judging from the sound, Housemarque will no longer be releasing games at the Resogun or Nex Machina scale. If the studio sees Returnal as a stepping stone, we should expect all new games to be at least on the same scale. With the full support of Sony, we are very excited for the future release of Housemarque.

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