The STS TV channel, together with the online service and the Art Pictures Vision film company, started producing the New Life series. It is an eight-episode youth drama adaptation of the German show Wild Republic.

The key figure in the series is social worker Rita, played by Agata Muceniece. The role of her husband went to Makar Zaporozhsky. Also, the project will star Alexander Robak, Pavel Tabakov and other actors.

The series will reveal a story in which Rita, in order to reeducate teenagers with problems with the law, initiates an experiment with an extreme approach. However, he is interrupted by a murder in a group overseen by a social worker.

Young offenders, in fear of an unfair trial, take Rita hostage and hide in the mountains. Rita’s husband decides to find her, but does not yet know what he has to learn about his marriage.

“The role of Rita, it seems to me, will become a challenge for me, because the heroine has a complex and multi-layered character,” says Muceniece herself about her heroine.

Moscow and the highlands were chosen for filming “New Life”. The actors will need to train in the gym and at the climbing wall, as they will have to work in difficult conditions, as the director of the project, Mark Gorobets, spoke about. So far, nothing has been said about the release date of the series.

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