In “Fashionable Sentence” Evelina Khromchenko drew attention to monochrome pantsuits. She advised ladies with curvaceous forms to take note of such an ensemble.

Khromchenko focused on four advantages of suits.

They are versatile.
They are always in fashion.
They slim down favorably.
They visually add height.
Evelina made a small remark about the puffy women of fashion. They are advised not to wear a suit with tight-fitting trousers.

Following the advice of Khromchenko, Larisa Dolina appeared in a light blue trouser suit. The star struck with a slender figure and a gorgeous look. A sky-blue two-piece suit with a jacket on one button favorably emphasized the diva’s chest and waist. And the top a few tones lighter refreshed the face. An important touch in the image was a manicure to match the top.

Hence the conclusion: every woman should have a suit in the style of monochrome classics in her wardrobe. An advantageous two will make the image bright and fashionable.

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