It all happened in 2009 – before the Grammy ceremony, Chris Brown attacked Rihanna. The couple was in a relationship for two years, but this did not stop the rapper when he beat his beloved.

In the documentary “Chris Brown: Welcome to My World,” the rapper revealed the details of that day and told how the quarrel began. Rihanna was jealous of Chris to a colleague with whom he had an affair. At one point, the singer thought that he had received SMS from that girl, and she tried to take away his phone from her lover.

“We argued, argued, argued, and I remember how she tried to hit me. Then I hit her with a tightly clenched fist and broke her lip. <…> She spat blood in my face. This made me angry, so a fight started in the car, ”said the rapper.

Brown tried to apologize to Rihanna, but she never forgave him. Moreover, she sued him. The performer was then sentenced to five years probation.

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