The High Society actress has become a fashionable guiding star for Kate Middleton.

Every appearance of Kate Middleton attracts the attention of millions of fans. What is her appearance the other day in a spectacular dress with large polka dots. The Duchess of Cambridge always carefully chooses her outfits. She is inspired by the image of the American Hollywood actress of the 50s Grace Kelly, who played with Frank Sinatra in the film “High Society”. The star not only starred in 11 films, but also became a style icon for thousands of followers.

The fate of Middleton and Kelly is somewhat similar. At one time, the Hollywood actress also married the royal heir – the Prince of Monaco – and became a princess.

Kate Middleton

According to stylist Samantha Harman, despite the past years, wide-leg trousers with a voluminous shirt and a deep neckline, as well as floral prints on dresses, are loved by fashionistas in the 21st century. Style features, obviously, were adopted by William’s wife.

“Grace Kelly has a particular blueprint for chic royal style and if I was Kate, I would definitely use her as a guide,” the fashion expert told the Express .

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