It turned out that the actor’s behavior was quite understandable.

The other day, the premiere of a new film with the participation of Tom Cruise took place. The actor had the honor to present the project at the Cannes Film Festival. Along with this, he showed a ten-minute video about his career. However, there was no mention in the video of his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, with whom he had co-starred in three films. Because of this, the fans decided that Cruz deliberately downplayed the importance of the ex-wife in his career and life.

The situation was commented on by psychologist Oksana Zashchirinskaya . She believes that there really is a downplaying of the role of the ex-wife in the actor’s personal life. According to the expert, Cruz’s behavior is similar to an attempt to build a psychological defense of the type of avoidance.

“That is, Tom tries not to remember what once happened in his relationship with Nicole, because he does not consider it something constructive. In such attempts, his mental pain is veiled. In such cases, a person has not fully experienced the past history, and it still has some meaning for him. Therefore, he bypasses this difficult question for himself, ”explained the psychologist in a conversation with the editors of PopCornNews.

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