Not many people know, but members of the British royal family are big fans of homeopathy and many other alternative treatments for their ailments.

For example, 36-year-old Prince Harry recently admitted that he became addicted to antidepressants. According to him, he still often mourns for his mother, Princess Diana.

His bouts of frustration allegedly intensified after he unveiled the statue of Lady Dee with his older brother, William. Harry’s main problem was a nervous tic – his eyes dart from side to side.

The Daily Mail found out that the prince is using a special medicinal sedative. He takes it on an ongoing basis so that it affects the brain, stopping the nervous tic of the eyes.

Presumably, this therapy costs Harry £ 60 or £ 120 an hour. This is from 6 to 12 thousand rubles, if transferred to our money. However, professionals are not sure if this helps.

“These drugs are made so that patients can accept their negative thoughts, keep them in memory, but not remember them constantly and live peacefully,” says Dr. Mark McFetridge.

He noted that over the past two years, only 114 studies have been conducted on this innovative drug, and 100% of data on its effectiveness are not yet available.

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