New details of Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s breakup have surfaced. It turned out that the age difference was not so bad, and in fact the comedian made the main, fatal mistake, which became the last straw for the TV personality.

Since the breakup of the star couple, the reasons for the discord in the relationship between Davidson and Kardashian have surfaced in the media every now and then. It was alleged that the lovers parted because of the difference in age (Kim is 41 years old, and Pete is 28 years old) and because of the huge gap in their views on life. Now, foreign tabloids have named the main reason why Kardashian decided to break up – Davidson hurried up with a marriage proposal.

“Kim wanted to slow things down and Pete proposed instead. He is devastated. Everyone warned him that his actions would alienate Kim, but he didn’t listen. Remember, this is the same guy who proposed to Ariana Grande just a few weeks later. Pete learned nothing from this relationship,” sources told Radar .

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