Each week has its own obligations and its own entertainment. One day we may want to relax at home browsing Netflix and the next we may have an appetite for a drink or a night out with lots of dancing. Today we will focus on the last two occasions and more specifically on the dress code of “what should I wear tonight?”. To answer this question, we have gathered below 4 looks, which will guide you properly. These are recent outfits by Katerina Keinourgiou, who has a special liking for the most glamorous looks.

3 + 1 suggestions for your evening appearances

Katerina Keinourgiou loves fashion and creates extremely feminine looks, which she then posts on her personal Instagram account. She is now considered a fashion influencer, since her looks consist of the latest fashion and have all the elements of the sets that we observe on social media. She, in fact, collaborates with many Greek brands for her appearances, while she can not resist the fashion items of luxury fashion houses. Nevertheless, we were interested in her looks this week, which can be used in evening appearances.

They consist of pieces that you definitely have in your wardrobe, while if they are missing, it is worth investing in them. Besides, a mini skirt, a one-piece suit and a pair of over the knee boots are timeless choices that you will wear every season.

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