He is one of the most successful pop music stars of his generation, a former member of the also successful band One Direction and one of the style icons of our time. She has many years of success in the field of television and cinema and is one of the members of our favorite company, namely Friends. The reason for Harry Style and Jennifer Aniston. But what can unite these two artists? The answer lies in their common love for genderless fashion. As Harry Styles has stated in an interview, “There is no exaggeration in the way one dresses. Clothes are there to keep us entertained, to experiment and to play. The really exciting thing is that the dividing lines are almost disappearing. There are clothes for men and clothes for women. “Once you take out the labels, you obviously open a space where you can play.”

Both Harry Styles and Jennifer Aniston love fashion as a way of expression and experimentation, indifferent to the gender that is usually written on the clothes label. Proof is that the actress recently wore a costume that Harry Styles had worn in the past. Specifically, it is a Gucci suit by Alessandro Michele in earth tones and 70s aesthetics that the pop star wore at the Brit Awards of 2021. Harry Styles had completed his appearance with a beige shirt and a Gucci handbag.

A few months later, Jennifer Aniston recreated that look, wearing the same Gucci suit with a white top and white, high-heeled loafers. So the two artists proved to us that we do not need to put obstacles and limit ourselves, especially when it comes to our style. If you like something you can wear it and adapt it to your own aesthetics.

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