Klava Koka presented an elegant and fashionable outfit in her Telegram channel .

According to stylist Larisa Timiryazeva , the singer relied on femininity, preferring the adjacent style of a sheath dress. The girl focused on the charms of her figure.

“Firstly, the texture, which, on the one hand, resembles a fashionable mesh, and on the other, knitted jersey, which is in the most fashionable favorites. Secondly, sequins, which are also among the fashion trends. Thirdly, the green color, which is considered one of the most fashionable, since it is the color of nature, and fashion has now turned its face to everything natural and natural, ”the stylist shared her expert opinion with the PopCornNews portal.

Well-chosen hair and makeup, they emphasize femininity. The rhythm of the lines of the earrings repeats the rhythm of the knitting lines of the dress. All this creates harmony and integrity of the picture.

“Bad shoes. The dress, despite the fact that it has the effect of mesh and transparency, is closed and looks heavy, and shoes with a closed toe would be more suitable for it, ”says stylist Larisa Timiryazeva.

The image could be completed with green shoes with a metallic sheen or put on nude pumps. The extra leg length won’t hurt. Another option is to choose shoes to match the color of the hair, so that the image created by the singer begins and ends with the same color.

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