At the age of 81, Al Pacino does not change himself. This time he was spotted on a date with a 28-year-old beauty Nur Alfallah. And they were caught. The stars obviously didn’t want to be seen together and wrapped themselves in black on purpose, but that didn’t work, as seen in the photos posted on Peopletalk .

However, the reputation of a woman is unlikely to suffer from this. Previously, Nur Alfallah was with Mick Jagger (in 2017), after which she repeatedly appeared in the company of Clint Eastwood.

Al Pacino is easy to understand. His companion may well be considered a beauty. But why does she need an 80-year-old actor? Perhaps Nur simply decided to collect legendary men so that she would have something to remember in her old age. Or she simply has good taste in men, and then she definitely did not lose with Al Pacino.

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