Out of boredom, Paltrow said he quickly reached for the bottle. “I love whiskey and I make a great cocktail called the Buster Paltrow. To my grandfather, who also liked to drink whiskey. I mixed a delicious Tennessee quinoa whiskey with some maple syrup and lemon juice. Quitting after one is very difficult, because it is so good! But eventually I drank several glasses of spirits seven days a week. Then I started to think: this is really unhealthy, you know. I went completely off the rails. Well, I was never really very drunk, but still … ” 

Moreover, when she drinks, she feels like cigarettes again. “Even though I have quit smoking, when I drink alcohol I miss it.” So she is happy that the Americans are slowly but surely regaining their freedom after the lockdown. “That way I can focus on a healthy lifestyle again.”

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